castle hill again!

I am skipping ahead a bit, but I just got some pictures from Robyn and would like to share them! On Waitangi Day (a stat holiday in NZ), Lauren, Robyn, Lauren’s friend Warrick and I drove to Castle Hill and Cave Stream. Robyn is one of Kat’s Dal friends! I had planned to meet up with her all along, and it finally worked out towards the end of the trip. Robyn was gracious enough to let us store the surf boards we rented on her lawn (more info about this in a future post) and use her shower.

Here are some pictures that Robyn took! They look cool!!

17028_10100541231629481_1850716958_n 19794_10100541232752231_1586885621_n 482643_10100541232637461_1449161123_n 537088_10100541232188361_1419184211_n 557986_10100541232372991_167896727_n 559905_10100541231429881_966969515_n

These pictures really capture the beauty of the area! They are great.

I am in the purple, Lauren is in the blue tshirt and Warrick is the one not wearing a shirt.


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