Today I did a controlled papaya skin reaction test. Meaning, my hands were not itchy and then I cut open a papaya and MY HANDS ARE ON FIRE.

I have not done a controlled papaya digestive test. They are pretty tasty! (though they taste kind of toxic sometimes IMO)

I just read this…. bananas and avocadoes have similar compounds??? Those are my staple diet? I have not noticed my hands itchy after eating either of those.

Kat will have to eat papayas on her own here. By the way, she comes in 12 days!!!! And papa and Kate in a month!

It is avocado season here right now. They have the green avocadoes here. I bought two the first time I went to the market (I was so excited!) but they turned into 1/2 rock 1/2 rotten. Hmph.



2 thoughts on “papaynemy

  1. the fact that it actually tastes toxic to you sometimes is probably a pretty good indicator that you shouldn’t eat it. maybe that’s your body telling you that it doesn’t want you to have it.
    i don’t know if that is actually true but it seems to make sense to me. hopefully it’s just papaya that you are possibly allergic to!

  2. If it makes your hands itchy, I would think eating it will be problematic. Hard to scratch the inside of your stomach. Maybe should check on latex allergies too…..

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