off to get scuba’ed!

This extended weekend I am off to get scubatified on Nananu-I-Ra! I am excited. And nervous. And excited. I will also meet up with Katrina there probably. This week she has been in the Yasawas which has been awesome because I have had an intense amount of work to do. This week I finished a 10-page lab report, a 3-page group Marketing assignment, an interview with a public servant and tomorrow I have a mangrove field trip.

Next week I have a presentation. Then Dad and Kate get here!!!! Then in the two days between Easter and Taveuni I have two midterms, a paper, a lab report, a massive research paper and another field trip that I am totally going to miss because I didn’t realize I had it when I booked my flights. Oops. Then Taveuni for a week!!! And then a 3-day Marine Bio field trip. And then two midterms the week after. Plus normal school work. Yeepers!!

In other news, my May and June are looking quite empty!

In other other news, today Kate and I got Hunky Dog hot dogs from the cart downtown and the bbq sauce dripped off on my arm and one of the hot dog dudes wiped it off for me! If you are a regular you get excellent service. Hahahahaha


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