back from family reunion

What a crazy past week and a bit! First, I got Scuba certified which was BEYOND awesome! Maybe my favourite “tourist” weekend of my entire time in Fiji. Super great company, super awesome diving, great weather, great everything. It was really good. Kat met us up there, and I am glad she got to see what I really like about Nananu-I-Ra/Safari Lodge! I will post up lots of pictures in a couple of weeks because I have lots.

During the week I casually hinted to Kat that I needed time to get work done so she went off on our own and I got 1 billion things done (not enough though!). Then we went to Robinson Crusoe Island and then Dad and Kate got there! It was fun being all together. Kat is on her way home and now papa and Kate and I are back in Suva. They are in bed. Tomorrow is busy, I have two midterms, two papers I need to drop off, a tutorial and a lecture.

I have a lot of stuff to do between now and Taveuni, oh dear.

Some random musings:

– Kat got good weather when she was here. She is very lucky!!!

– I won a scholarship! The SFU Business Dean’s Student Life Scholarship. I was way surprised I got that one because I barely feel like a SFU student when I’ve been away for so long (but part of the scholarship was doing something international).

– The couch cushions are actually quite comfortable when you take them off the couch.

– I am addicted to iPhone Euchre


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