nananu-i-ra island

While Liz, Evan, Christine and I were doing the dive course (and Kat was hanging with us up there!) we decided to make one meal each instead of all bringing our own food. It was awesome! We ended up eating peanut butter and and banana french toast, sushi, omelettes and chickpea stir fry. YUM!!!



Nananu-I-Ra was just as beautiful as the last time I was there. (You can read about that here and here). We had a full 8-bed dorm to ourselves, including a giant kitchen, eating area, and a huge porch over-looking the water.

Evan's photo
Evan’s photo
Christine's photo of Liz
Christine’s photo of Liz

Homework and pre-studying for scuba was not as exciting.


scu1 scu2

Oh! Katelin’s (my roommate) birthday was on the weekend while we were gone so we decided to bake a cake for her the day before we left. Though Evan and I may have to thank Ms. Crocker and Mr. Oreo, it was quite delicious.

Evan’s photo

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