whatta week


For those of you I’ve talked to, you’ve probably had a glimpse of my terrible week. I don’t want to dwell on it but here is the short info (and the results):

– I got really sick earlier this week and I was nervous that it was dengue fever (there are rumours of an outbreak right now), but it turned out to just be strep throat. I missed a week of classes but I am pretty much back to normal now.

– Late last week, our apartment got robbed while we were at home. I guess luckily we are both heavy sleepers (and I was on tons of drugs) so we didn’t wake up when they came and took things from all rooms in our apartment. Gross. We lost a lot of electronics (laptops, iphones, camera), keys, a bag, flip flops and some money but nothing major. We’re both fine and our locks are changed now.

I am most frustrated because I lost seven months of photos from the last year. (back up your files!!!! do it! now!!!) I am happy that I have the pictures on my blog but I am incredibly disappointed because there are even more pictures I didn’t put up. I also lost a lot of phone contacts of people in New Zealand that I didn’t have written down. Back up your stuff, right now. Do it!

Break-ins are pretty common here but what makes me most frustrated is this person/these people have obviously done it before. They only took things that they could find chargers for and didn’t take anything you can track (like internet sticks and credit cards). They also closed the door behind them. We’re not sure if we/our building are being watched or if it was just a coincidence. We’ll never really know.

– And finally, yesterday I got bit by a dog when I was walking down the street. The gross. It’s not terrible but WHY WOULD IT DO THAT. It was more of a pinch. The dogs on my street are so annoying. I didn’t recognize this dog though and it’s farther down than the usual puppy pack.

Through this, though, neighbours/friends have been super nice offering us beds/computers/phones helping us get back on our feet. A couple nights ago we pulled our massive mattresses off of our beds and had a big movie marathon in the living room. That was fun. I got a cheapo phone and rented a laptop from school so getting back into shape.

Aaaaand out. I’ll be posting sometime this week about Taveuni and Dad and Kate’s visit.


4 thoughts on “whatta week

    1. if a robber enters your house you are just supposed to pretend you are asleep anyway, rather not be more emotionally traumatized

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