My posts are very scattered as of late but here goes on pre-Dad and Kate visiting and Taveuni.

The couple of days after the dive course, Kat went off to do her own thing and I stayed back in Suva to do lots of homework. But obviously I found something to do… Holi! I had never even heard of Holi before but it is a Hindu celebration, also known as the festival of colours. The Indian Students Association had an evening of song, paint throwing, dance and sweets.

Credit: Alden
Credit: Alden

Like at home, we got a 4-day weekend for Easter where we all went to Robinson Crusoe Island (also known as day-tripper tourist paradise). After Kat left, Dad, Kate and I took the bus back to Suva. I was pretty busy those couple of days but we did squeeze in a trip to the forest park (of course) with my sailing partner Deborah. She works for the forestry department so could answer their 1 000 000 questions quite well.

I flew to Taveuni the day after they flew. They rented a cottage that was really nice. The first full day that we were there, Dad and I went scuba diving on the Rainbow Reef which was awesome! He had to do a refresher course because the last time he dove was 1977. He said that the only fish he saw during his whole course was dead. He liked it a lot. I did too! We saw big fish, lots of triggerfish, parrotfish, corallius maximus, and a small whitetip reef shark. We dove at a site called Fish Factory.

The next 3 days I went to Qamea Island which is off the East of Taveuni by myself to a backpackers. I had heard good things about Maqai Beach Backpackers so I decided to check it out. I wasn’t quite sure if it was worth going over there despite it being a beautiful place, but then on one snorkel expedition off the beach I saw a leoprad whip ray, a turtle, and a haaaUUUge fish! I saw a turtle!! That was one of my Fiji goals. Worth it! I met a lot of nice people there as well.

Lastly with Dad and Kate in Taveuni, we drove down the West side of Taveuni to the International Date Line (Dad really liked that, please ask him about it), a church and the sliding rocks. I was really excited to go to the sliding rocks because it’s an all-natural waterslide. I was really nervous and only slid down maybe 3 m of it. It would look fine for a while but then would make a sharp turn or get really narrow. I needed a local kid to show me how it’s done! Or someone with more guts.

Dad and Kate seemed to really like Taveuni and I am glad they went there because I think they got a good experience for being tourists! They were really keen to try lots of new foods (but not kava).

Taveuni was really nice and I’d love to go back to dive more, go to Bouma National Park and really go on the water slide. I’m not sure if I will go back.. a group is going after exams but I haven’t figured out my plans yet. Moving my plane flights has turned out to be harder than I thought it would be.

After this, I went on a three-day field trip with my Marine Biology class (and Dad and Kate too!). Another entry for that though and I have a few pictures from that (but you might have to squint because they are lab report sized).


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