delicious food that I can get here

This is the counter-post after the “Western food that I miss”. It is the “what food I will miss when I leave Fiji”.

  • pineapple – you haven’t tasted pineapple until you’ve tasted an in season Fiji pineapple
  • soursop – a large fruit that is tangy, sweet, sour and glue-y all at the same time!
  • cream buns – a Hot Bread Kitchen classic
  • chicken pies – another Hot Bread Kitchen classic
  • fish and chips – if you know where to go, some realllly good fish and chips!
  • pumpkin curry – lately we’ve been making a giant pot at least once/week
  • aman’s chicken curry – YOM
  • hunky dog – the best food cart ever, you haven’t eaten a hot dog until you try a hunky dog (nyc hot dogs can’t even compare)
  • bbq – only tastes good when you’re REALLY hungry, a chicken leg, lamb chop, cassava, fried noodles, a lamb sausage and a fried egg for $6
  • curry maggi noodles – pretty much the spiciest 2-minute noodles ever
  • tuna – the fresh tuna here is amazing!!! favourite way: sashimi style
  • mahi mahi – a light fish, favourite way: with a balsamic honey glaze ooorr in…
  • kokoda – raw light fish cured with lime with onion, tomato, cucumber
  • rourou – taro leaves with garlic, butter and some coconut milk
  • palusami – “Fijian lasagna” taro leaves wrapped up with layers of coconut and onion and baked in the oven or a lovo
  • bhaji – indian savoury donut with onion, flour, taro, spices served with chutney
  • coconut milk
  • fresh coconut
  • cheese buns – another Hot Bread Kitchen classic
  • samosas
  • tamarind chutney!!!!! – delicious
  • other chutneys
  • daal – indian lentil soup
  • butter chicken – they make it spicy here, i love that
  • korma – yum!!
  • roti – upgraded pita
  • roti parcels – roti with curried potatoes and tuna/chicken. convenient and delicious and usually only $1
  • pappadam
  • pakoras
  • okra – unbelievably cheap here
  • eggplant – the best eggplants I have ever had
  • mandarins – delicous when they are ripe and in season
  • murg tikka – upgraded butter chicken
  • panner – delicious cheese
  • naan – delicious bread
  • guava – minus the seeds, delicious
  • lamb burgers – especially when homemade
  • fish burgers – in the words of my friend Marty “only in Fiji where they deep-fy marlin like it ain’t no thang”

In other news, I changed my flights around to go to New Zealand on June 25th. Pretty soon! I will be sad to leave Fiji. I was hoping that when I fly back to Canada I would be able to stop back in Fiji, but it’s looking like it will be significantly cheaper to fly back via Honolulu than LAX.


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