tea steepers, inflatable giraffes and floating tables

A Tuesday night with shin splints = I have a handful of super great things to show you:

(who runs anyway? every part of my body hurts)

1. My inflatable giraffe, Ferris


I got this inflatable giraffe last year as a gift at the Hibiscus Festival and named it Ferris after the death/vomit-inducing ferris wheels. He has been with me through thick and thin (mostly because I can deflate him and blow him up wherever I go!). Last week when the upstairs people got robbed we decided to legitimately use him as our watch-giraffe. Our upstairs neighbours laughed a lot when they came down to use our computers. That was embarassing.

2. Climbing Mugs

climb mugI found one of those wrist strengthening rotate-y balls (that you pull the string to start) in Lauren’s van but with a climbing hold epoxy’d to it. It took me a while to figure out what it was but you can use it to increase your crimp strength. His friend Jack made it. These mugs are similar, with these, you can start training as soon as you wake up!

These mugs are so 2010:


3. Space efficient van table

climb vanOn Facebook I just saw that someone is selling a climbing/backpacker van, and it is the nicest van I have ever seen. Their bouldering pad doubles as a bed. I really liked their table, it’s so space efficient. And look at that view! I have some climbing trips brewing for post-graduation and I hope they are as awesome as this looks.

4. Tea steepers

tea rex

I have always been in love with the Tea-Rex for many reasons: I love puns, dinosaurs are cool, and tea is yummy.

But I’m sorry Mr Rex… because I just found THE best tea steeper in the entire world. I present to you Cliff the Climber:

tea climber 2 tea climber5. Mountain Decorations

These are all awesome: (from a compilation of mountain crafts)

mountain diy mountain pillow mountain shelf


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