I have less than two weeks of classes left and I am almost done this semester! The past while has been filled with everything! I’ve finished up the course work in two of my classes, Marketing (going into the final with an A+!) and Ethics & Professionalism in the Public Sector (just submitted my final project, but I think I will have an A going into the final!). I have work left to do in Marine Biology and in Health Psychology. Luckily I will only have 3 finals this semester, because Psychology is all course work and smaller tests.

Last week, Safron hosted a fried chicken night/pot luck at her place, and it was delicious and awesome. I brought over cookies (which had about a 50% burnt rate, so my tutorial the next morning was happy too).

fried chicken
Credit: Saf

The upstairs neighbours got broken into as well unfortunately so now we have a security guard man and we have heavy duty doors being installed. It is a bit of a hassle, I am glad I am leaving soon just so I don’t have to deal with it anymore. They’ve caught one person though, the robber’s associate unless he is a robber as well. They’ve recovered Katelin’s iPod and iPhone, but no luck on my end so far.

We had a bbq with all our neighbours and they are all so lovely. The upstairs neighbour (Ralph) said I could borrow his bicycle whenever I’d like, so I used it this past weekend. They are really nice.

Katelin made pumpkin curry for the dinner (for anyone that has been to our house, this is a staple food) and I dissected some prawns. It involved a lot of screaming but I peeled and deveined all of them! YAY!


Each Tuesday I’ve been hanging out with Jonah & his floor and having cheapo pizza and seeing movies. Last last week I saw Pain & Gain, which was pretty dumb.

We also had a huge scavenger hunt on Friday night where you had to run around and take photos of your team. That was very silly and very fun. I was on a team with Liz, my friend Ryan from my Marine Bio class, and Benedict and T who we got to meet!

The Coke Games were last week, which I basically can describe as the Olympics of Fiji. It was a high school track and field meet, and they just opened the new stadium and EVERYONE was there! I got to see some heats and the 400m finals and the 100m finals. It was a lot of fun and Ryan gave me lots of insight. I was very impressed by the students that were running without shoes. (ow)

IMG_0271 IMG_0274 IMG_0276 IMG_0280 IMG_0284

They gave out paper hats and they are awesome! When he first handed it to us, I wondered why he was handing us a piece of paper…. I thought the hat was silly at first but the sun was so hot that I ended up wearing it almost the whole time.


Also last week was the USP Got Talent Semi-Finals and Christine (from SFU) has made it through to the finals (this week!). She does a circus act with the big yo yo.

I did some research and helped out with the Management & Public Administration debate team and our team won the first round! The argument was “China is not a threat to Pacific Island Countries Self-Determination” and we were against the motion. This was the quarterfinals, and they go against Accounting & Finance next.

Last week I went to the fish store “1 kg of tuna please!”, but then once I got home and made some sushi I realized that I bought one of the worst probably-going-to-be-extinct-soon tunas to buy. Now I feel like a terrible person. And the worst Marine Bio student.


There are A LOT of exciting things coming up:

– Lauren gets here in two days!!

– only 1.5 weeks of school left!!

– Fiji vs New Zealand All Blacks rugby game!!

– my first ever wine tasting!!

– Fijian river rafting trip

– Volcom Fiji surf competition!!


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