Mad dogs and Englishmen

Well Rose has asked me to post on this here blog (not quite sure why, as she knows full well the limitations of my written word)  So i shall endeavor to do my best to convey my thoughts and feelings of the last week of here in Fiji.

Through the fresh eyes of a man who has never been to a tropical country in his lifetime.  With the closest equivalent of a sunny beach with palm trees being the dark, damp, rugged coastline of northern Scotland (with it often raining sideways or snowing….sometimes switching between the two every 5mins)

Ah and yes for those who are currently wondering who i am, i’m Lauren.

So Fiji….. Hot, hot and humid.  As i stepped off the plane onto the tarmac.  Feeling my t shirt slowly soak with sweat from just lazing around.  And the sudden need for water.

Fiji customs seemed quite happy to see me (compared to US customs when i put my occupation as a pirate…from that i gathered they lack a funny bone which they possibly have to have removed as part of the job)  Walking out of border control, I was looking forward to seeing Rose and this country which she has raved about for the last few months.

Having eventually found Rose (i lacking any organisational skills had just assumed Rose would prob meet me at the airport….which she did but just a wee bit late.)  We waited for minibus to take us to Suva.  There i learned that a broken branch can be used to swat mosquitoes when lacking in bug spray.

Here was my first example of island time.   As i found out that they just leave whenever the minibus is full……which could take 2mins or 2hours.

After a unspecified amount of time we left Nadi for Suva, in a interesting looking van with pop tunes (played to a strong reggae beat) blasting out of the open windows.

We then trekked through the Sovi basin meeting locals and generally getting very wet in a river.  (video is attached so you can see for yourselves)

Later on in the week we went to a wine tasting evening.  Which both me and rose thoroughly enjoyed.  Having very little working knowledge of wine (The sum of which is “oh thats nice” to “blegh….. Nasty”)  It was quite hard to follow what the guy was saying about each wine.  Especially after the sixth glass or so. All i learnt about rose that evening was she doesn’t like Chardonnays, but having also had the sixth glass or so she was unable to comment on the Merlots.

Well i have done allot more besides but i’m getting the impression Rose is wishing to use this computer.   So time for me to go.

To sum up.

Fiji=Humid+hot+very helpful smiley people+CURRY!!!!!!

Therefore Fiji=AWESOME!

Also snapshots of awesomeness,



IMG_0363 IMG_0365 IMG_0366 IMG_0368 IMG_0369 IMG_0371 IMG_0372 IMG_0375


One thought on “Mad dogs and Englishmen

  1. I am sitting here at 8 a.m. on a dreary Ottawa Saturday June morning. I believe it is 9 degrees and raining. More like Vancouver January weather than what ought to be verging on 20 degrees and sunny. I just read through Lauren’s very well written description of Fiji. It took me back nicely. The only thing missing would have been a contrast between the friendliness and slow paced life vs. a minivan speeding along a road that would be equivalent to Baseline road here in Ottawa(it is deemed the worst street, road condition wise for our city of 900.000) but with two way traffic. Good job Lauren. You put me a great position to watch Evan’s videos. Which I did, and now I want to go back to Fiji so much, I would fly the wrong way around the world to do it. I miss Fiji so much. Initially I read Katrina’s blog about missing Fiji and thought, oh ya, I miss it a little. But I miss every little bit and a lot.So thanks for taking me back, I think I have the umph to get back to my studying.

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