sending parcels in the mail & another awesome video

Attention Harry Potter fans: Do you remember when Ron sends a package to Harry and he isn’t sure how many stamps to put on the box? So he decides to cover the parcel in stamps and write the address in a square that is one inch by one inch?

This happened in real life! A couple of the girls from the US were sending a package back home that cost $150 to send. I am not sure why, but for some reason they were given the whole stamp value in 40 cent stamps! (I sent some stuff for a friend from last semester and they gave me $5 stamps, which was quite a bit more reasonable)

fiji post boxThis would seriously be the best package to send home ever.

In other random news, I’d like to share with you another video that Evan made this semester. This is from a time we went to the Colo-I-Suva forest park earlier this semester (he also made the Sovi Basin video in Lauren’s post). He’s talented!


2 thoughts on “sending parcels in the mail & another awesome video

  1. hahahahhaa i love this. i thought it was amusing when you told me about the stamps on gchat but the pictures really elevate the story to a whole other level. 😀

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