back in christchurch

I have arrived back in Christchurch! Two of our friends have graciously let me stay at their place for a week, so I will have a chance to sort out a job this week. I’ll have to figure out soon where I’ll live and if I’ll need to get a bicycle or car. I am hoping to stay here for a while.

I visited Pam (my grandma’s cousin) and Colleen last week close to Hamilton and it was lovely to meet them and Pam & Sonny were lovely hosts. She showed me around the area and I was spoiled with nice food. I will post more about this when I get the chance!

And yesterday, Lauren and I went climbing and I met three of Lauren’s friends. We drove down close to Timaru and climbed at Hanging Rock. PHEW I AM OUTTA CLIMBING SHAPE! It was challenging but I am really glad we went. It was beautiful there.

I don’t have a computer or any sort of Internet device at the moment, so I won’t be updating as often. You can keep posted to here: for updates that’ll be more often than this blog. Hope everyone up in the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying summer! I am currently wearing a big sweater, a down jacket, a toque and wool mittens…. inside.


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