Ok I have some Internet time so I will post more about my visit with Pam!

Pam and her partner Sonny live in Otorohanga which is about half an hour south of Hamilton (which is about 45 minutes south of Auckland). Their house is beautiful and just only 7 years old. It borders a golf course which they frequent often. They run the golf pro shop at the same time as Sonny delivers firewood and Pam rents out four units that connect on the side of the house.

Pam showed me around the gardens in Hamilton, the walk near the Waitomo caves, and we went to the Kiwi House. Kiwis are nocturnal so they have them in special houses where they can control the light so that they are awake at some point for tourists to see. If you were a kiwi, would you rather be on the morning or afternoon shift? I didn’t go into the caves this time, despite there being every possible tour you would ever imagine involving abseiling/rafting/swimming/etc. It sounds cold. And expensive. And cold!!!!

We are a lot of delicious food and one day I made them spicy szechuan pork and eggplant.

And I have figured it out: Pam & Collen are my first cousins twice removed, and Pam’s and Colleen’s children would be my second cousins once removed. I think. My source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cousin. Verdict: Cousins 🙂

Back in Auckland, I stayed with my friend Anna who I met last year at Hang Dog and stayed with her and Sandy at the end of my trip. It was nice seeing her again!


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