ernst & young

The past two weeks have been busy! Last week I signed up with two office temp agencies to hopefully find work. I was very happy because after I sent in my application, I got a call an hour later from one (Hudson) saying they wanted me in asap for a role that they thought would fit really well. It did! It was a three month Project Co-ordinator role for the Ministry of Education. Too good to be true apparently – they sent me in as the preferred candidate, but the Ministry changed their mind and said they wanted someone for 6 months. I’m only here for 5 months. Bah!

Anyway, I just finished a week working at Ernst & Young in their records department at the Christchurch office. Their Records Services Officer is leaving for another job and they haven’t hired a new one yet, so I’ll be there until they hire a new one (about 5 more weeks). The work is easy but hopefully nothing goes wrong because I am working solo.

I don’t think I will have a problem finding work after this because the other agency called me after I started this position saying they had a job for me as well. Christchurch has a lot of temporary work because all the companies here are still making so many changes because of the earthquakes.

This past week has been busy setting up the flat and sorting things out. Lauren left on a two week long winter climbing trip this past Friday so I am all alone-y on my own-y!

Christine (from SFU who was at USP this past semester) is flying out of Christchurch tomorrow, so we spent some of this weekend together. She came up on Friday from Cromwell, and we met up with some friends for drinks, and then today we went on a trek to find some hot springs. There is a spa place nearby at Hamner Springs where you can soak in pools that are filled with hot spring water but we wanted to find the REAL DEAL. (Lauren and I went to Hamner Springs last year). We drove up towards Lewis Pass in hopes of finding the (unmarked) Sylvia Flat hot spring. When we were close to the spot we thought it was, we got really excited because we saw lots of steam. After turning off, we realized that the “steam” was coming from a motor home with a fire place. Doh!! After about an hour of driving around (in scenic places though) we drove back to the same place and realized that it WAS where the hot spring was, and you could see it across the river. After a chillllyyyyyyy hop and skip across the rushing river, we got to soak our legs in a nice and warm sulphur-y totally natural hot pool. Awesome!!


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