cabbage week

This week is cabbage week. Lauren bought a giant cabbage and then left 2 days later for a trip and I’ve been stuck with this cabbage!!! Cabbage everywhere! I think the cabbage is having cabbage babies in the refridgerator ahhh drowning in cabbage!!!!!!!!

This week I’ve made (all featuring cabbage): thai tofu stirfry, mu shu rice paper wraps, beef dumplings (was going to buy pork, then decided on lamb, accidentally bought beef), and chicken yakisoba. There is still half a cabbage left!!!! I am seriously considering just chucking the whole thing down the food garborator.

I checked my Aeroplan account this week and realized that I hadn’t used my card in over 12 months and all my points are lost, noooo!!!!!!!!! Bye bye 18 thousand points. 😦 😦 😦 😦 Only took 16 years to accumulate you. Dang.

I’ve been exercising a lot! I’ve figured out that, other than driving, biking or a bike/bus combo is the fastest way to get to and from work. It’s about a 10km ride, or a 3km ride to the nearest bus stop. I look like a giant dweeb when I bike though because I wear Lauren’s thermals (that are ultra baggy on me) and giant wool socks. I have also been climbing at the gym a lot with my friend Natalie (Kiwi and studies at University of Canterbury). This weekend looks like good weather so I think it is time go outside! Pull out the van! And yesterday I went to a dance lesson by the uni dance club where we learned Bachata and Modern Jive. It was fun! I went with my friend Kota (who just recently finished his PHD at the uni).

Work is good. Most of what I do is pretty easy… get files off the shelf that people request, make new files, put in orders to get files/put back files from offsite, file papers, split files, change files and generally anything file related. EY is definitely a nice place to work!! Everyone is really chatty, nice and pretty laidback (as most Kiwis are!!).


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