1 of 3 picture posts: various

Here are some ultra-random photos from the past 2 months!

These two photos are from when I visited Pam (my first cousin, 3x removed) at her home in Otorohanga. She has 4 units on the side of her house that she rents out (good to stay at if you’re going to the Waitomo caves). I forgot to take a picture of all of us, so unfortunately that little picture is the best I have of Pam.

IMG_0510 IMG_0511We also went to the Otorohanga Kiwi House where we saw eels. Yuck.


This was my view of the Kaikoura ranges on my flight from Auckland to Christchuch. I should have skiied earlier in the season as this was right after ‘the’ big dump of the season.

IMG_0513Here are 2 pictures of two climbing trips where we spent more time looking at the scenery than climbing. Hanging Rock really reminds me of Area 44 in Squamish.



…. the time I made pumpkin curry using a WHOLE PUMPKIN!!!! Out of all the fruits & veg Fiji grows, pumpkin is the only piece of produce in NZ that I have noticed is CHEAPER in NZ. This baby sometimes only costs $1.


Lastly, three pictures from Natalie’s gig last week:

Me and Natalie
Me and Natalie
Lauren, Natalie, Kota, Hugh
Lauren, Natalie, Kota, Hugh
Natalie (the singer)
Natalie (the singer)

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