2 of 3 picture posts: mt hutt


Mt Hutt was different than any other ski hill I’ve been to. It IS on a mountain, but to drive to it, it is flat… flat…more flat.. flat… flat POOF THERE’S THE MOUNTAIN WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!? It meant that one side was really boring to look off of (plains) and the other side was very nice to look at (mountains!).

Please disregard the faulty-looking goggles. They are Lauren’s. I need to fix them. My goggles at home are falling apart as well.

IMG_0528As you can see, they are pining for snow. I’d say most of this is machine made. I can certify that this is correct because I spent half the time sliding down on my face.


One reason why Mt Hutt > ANY other ski hill… they have a PIZZA SNOW CAVE!!!!

IMG_0540 IMG_0531 IMG_0526


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