pictures from sebastapol

Your first view of Mt Cook as you drive up Lake Pukaki:
IMG_0585Mt Cook is 3,754 m tall and is NZ’s highest mountain.

Where we were climbing:

This arete was pretty neat as it was a pretty random tower-shaped outcrop. Lets climb it!

You can also admire my lovely new zip-off shorts. When I got them I told myself I would never zip them off… but that only lasted about 10 minutes.

IMG_0610 IMG_0614 IMG_0608 IMG_0593It reminds me of a mini-Stawamus Chief. I reckon our first day was good training for the Chief as we climbed about the equivalent of half of it.

PS: The bushes in the picture above are EVIL

Here is a picture of the muddy Tasman Glacier. Maybe next time we will “WALK TO THE TOP OF THE ICE MOUNTAIN!!!”

IMG_0618Here are two purdy pictures of Mt Cook that I snapped on the drive home.

IMG_0636 IMG_0634Freda Du Faur was the first woman to climb Mt Cook. And not only that, she wore a skirt, blouse and broach during all her mountaineering escapades. Look!!!

Emmeline_Freda_du_Faur,_by_George_Edward_Mannering_(1862-1947)She is well-recognized for breaking gender mountaineering stereotypes. Before and after her trips, she would dress extravagantly and as feminine as possible. She looks cool!!!

Since the area was formed (modified?) by glaciers, the landscape is really interesting. There is one mountain (Mt Wakefield?) that really looks like someone was building a plasticine NZ and decided to put a mountain…. HERE (thump).

IMG_0612And probably the best hide and go seek spot ever:



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