americas cup

There is only one race left in the America’s Cup. Tension is high at work. Earlier in the competition, NZ was leading 8-1. First one to 9 wins. Eight to one!!!!! And what are the standings now??? 8-8??? Come on New Zealand!!! Tomorrow is the last race. My bet is they’ll postpone the races another day due to whales/submarines/low wind/high wind/sub-optimal temperatures.

Last weekend after Lauren finished work we went to Quake City (Canterbury’s earthquake museum). It had a lot of pictures and videos and artefacts from the 2 earthquakes. Pretty neat.

It’s been raining a lot. I want to climb climb climb but I’ve been stuck indoors due to the weather. I climbed some 21s and a 22 the other day in the gym (whilst falling off) so that’s cool!

I am in the midst of planning lots of epic adventures for before I leave. So far in the plan for sure is Wanaka/Queenstown for at least a week to climb, hut wardening on the North Island, a conservation project north of Auckland and a visit to Wellington. Other (hopeful) possibilities are climbing in Fiordland, hiking the Hollyford and a speedy trip of the North Island. A few more weeks of work I think and then we’ll see how things go.



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