hello hello hello echo echo echo

It’s been an eventful past two weeks (both good and bad). I have lots of pictures and stories to share and will hopefully have time to do so soon. Work is wrapping up with only 3 days left. I hope that I can find a few more short placements – I have lots of travel/volunteering I want to do but not sure if I (responsibly) have the funds. I’ve been lining things up more for when I get back in Canada – jobs, possible flatmates, courses, funds, etc. My current plan is to apply to be a Stats 101 TA and a casual belayer at one of the Vancouver climbing gyms. We’ll see if either of those happen! The climbing job would be great because I could work a lot during December (one of their busy seasons) and I could be free ALL THE TIME during December. You also get free/discounted climbing as a perk! (BIG PERK BIG PERK) I’ll be going on a trip to Wanaka leaving sometime in the next two weeks which will be awesome! More soon.


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