I am back in Vancouver! It is really cold here, but there is hardly any snow.. where did it all go???

The last two days have gone very smoothly as I try to organize myself. I have a phone now, and a computer (being set up right now – Windows 8 is confusing!!!), and picking up a few things from Paul’s parents house tonight (thanks Ralph and Grace!!!!!). I am staying at Kat & Scott’s a la Harry Potter for December which is VERY convenient, but a bit squishy (thanks K&S!!!). I will be repaying them by cooking a lot. Tonight is falafels.

It looks like I have a small part-time job set up for at the climbing gym starting next week. I’m not sure at this point if I will look for some more temp work over these holidays or not. It is on the never-ending to do list (#1 is doing 18 loads of laundry because Kat says everything in my suitcases/storage smells like a homeless person).

I have lots to blog about and lots of pictures so I will put them up soon. I will probably keep up this blog, but not post as often (I should be studying come January :P). Be prepared for lots of skiing photos as I plan to use the ski pass as much as possible!!!


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