Right after the volunteering, Lauren flew up to Auckland and we headed over to the Coromandel Peninsula. We rented a little Yaris to get around, but when the lady at Avis saw my ginormous suitcase, she gave us a free upgrade to a Hyundai Accent. Sweet!


Our mini-trip was awesome and filled with camping, eating nice food and seafood, visiting beaches, swimming, getting eaten by sandflies, short walks to look at kauris/mine tunnels/waterfalls, visiting hot water beach, and camping.

coromandel-2 coromandel-1 coromandel-0

There were 300 people at Hot Water Beach when we were there. We didn’t even bother renting a shovel. The water was too hot in some places to even stand!

coromandel-4 coromandel-3

We hiked through an old mining tunnel that is 500m long. Tunnels give me a bit of the creeps after living in Christchurch (because of all the earthquakes) but it was cooooool! The tunnel was also cool, which was a nice break after the much-larger-than-expected hill we just walked up.

coromandel-7 coromandel-6

In Auckland we met up with some old friends and went climbing, slacklining and ate A LOT of $1.50 steamed buns.


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