whistler day 1-4

This year I got a Whistler student season pass, and I’ve been able to use it a lot since I’ve been back! To qualify you have to be a full-time student for either fall or winter semester, but it can’t be co-op. I wasn’t sure if this was going to happen again so I decided I had to get one this year!

I am crossing my fingers for a couple of big storms to come in because there is a lot less snow than there usually is. Not very many runs are open, and it is really icy. It’s still relatively early in the season though so still lots of time.

I’m not sure how much skiing I will do during the semester. I hope to do a lot, but I just talked to my friend in 4th year and he said: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TAKING ALL THOSE CLASSES AT ONCE?” Oh dear.

The annual Santa ski day was awesome! This was my 2nd year going. I expect this to be an annual tradition’ I was pretty bummed I couldn’t go last year. This year just Scott and I went, and we ran into Rob & Adam there. It was lots of fun!!! We even got free beer because we were dressed up as Santas. I LOVE SANTA SKI DAY!!!!

santa-0Scott and I are in the front row in the middle-ish left. Scott has an electric blue helmet. You can see more pictures and bigger pictures here!

They let all the Santas have priority boarding on their new chairlift (a 6-seater Harmony express upgrade), but they had serious issues once a bunch of people got on. Seems like it was having power issues. I was waiting for Scott (the access was a terrible, narrow blue run with rocks everywhere), which worked out perfectly because they ended up shutting down the lift completely. There ya go, karma! It would have been too funny if 160 Santas got stuck on the new chairlift. That would be good advertising.

I’ve only managed to dip into powder on the Santa Saturday, when we went up to the Whistler Peak. That was awesome. Otherwise, rocks, trees and extreme ice are the way to go.

Day 1: (run of the day: Backstage Pass, off of the new Crystal Ridge chair)


Day 2: (run of the day: West Bowl with Scott, Rob and Adam, with lots of fresh snow)

Scott’s awesome Santa suit post-blue run

Day 3: (run of the day: Slingshot, but not by any big standards)

More snow please!
More snow please!

Day 4: (run of the day: Panorama with Mike, Tiff and Tiff’s UBC med friends!)

Mike's photo
Mike’s photo

What an (unexpectedly) AWESOME shot!!!


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