january & february


– I went snowshoeing before new years with a couple of friends up to Elfin Lakes. We played Risk by headlamp light. It was fun. I have pictures but I haven’t had the chance to upload them yet.

– I am doing lots of school stuff. I also am working a lot. YAY $$$! And good experience.

– I am doing a regular Step & Strength fitness class and this week was harder than usual and it kicked my bum. I haven’t been climbing that much.

– Lauren bought his plane flights! He is coming around the end of April. Anyone want to sponsor him for a job? Anyone?

– I went to Ontario! Highlights include:

Visiting David/Steph/Dylan in Kingston. We had lots of catching up to do, we went rock climbing, out for dinner, had hot pot, and did some homework too. Their reading week is always a week after SFU so they all had some work to do (as did I).

Seeing my dad, Kate, Callum with Kat and Scott and watching extreme amounts of Olympics! We also had a family bonspiel, which was awesome, and ate dimsum, which was also awesome.

Liz came and visited! That was coooool!!! We went to the ice slides, saw an IMAX South Pacific movie, ate lots of shawarma, went tobogganing, skated on the canal, played board games and continued to watch excessive amounts of Olympics.

Non-highlights include: The plane ride back from Ottawa. Scott, Kat and I flew the same flight to Calgary, and then Scott and I were transferring on in Calgary to Vancouver. The plane was held up in Ottawa, and there was bad weather in Calgary = we missed the SkyTrain, and had to take a cab to Scott’s house and then Scott drove me home. He probably got home at 1:45am. I did not do well on my midterm the next day. I think if I am in school next time I am going to fly direct or leave a little more gap to get home. Zzzzz

– I am applying to be a TA for the summer. I hope I get it.