January Food and Recipe Musings – Southwest BC


Seasonal Recipe Repo here! (WIP – only 11 more months to go!)

Let me tell you what is in season in YVR!!

Savoy cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, kale, leeks, mushrooms, red onions, yellow onions, parsnips and, according to my source, kiwis. Not a lot.

If you planned ahead, you may still have apples, artichokes, beans, beets, green cabbage, garlic, potatoes, rutabaga, shallots, winter squash, and turnips if you did some cold storage or your handy dandy farmers/grocery store did some cold storage.

In summary, ROOT VEGETABLES AND GOURDS. I have dreams of strawberry spinach salads….

I was only really able to find 20-30 recipes from my trusty recipe blog list that I really wanted to share. It is a sign though – it’s a lot harder to eat seasonally in the winter (hence why I started this spreadsheet).

I wonder if there’s a graph anywhere that shows how much food we import into the country in the winter vs the summer.

Notable thoughts I have had in January thus far:

  • There are still lots of apples around if you are interested in applesauce, apple leather, apple chips and apple desserts.
  • There seem to be quite a lot of good lentil soup and onion soup recipes, which I have omitted because I find them generally boring.
  • January would be a great time to pull out jars of seasonal produce you canned/froze last summer (tomatoes, pickles, pizza sauce, etc). Maybe next year?
  • Did you know you can make your own apple cider vinegar? I saved my scraps from some organic apples and will start this this month. I’ll let you know how it turns out in 2-3 months O_O
  • Rice is definitely not local. I love rice.
  • Lemons and limes are also not grown locally (I think). I am still trying to figure out my lemon and lime feelings.

Ta-ta for now!


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