Yesterday (kino), Otaru ni itta (I went to Otaru) by train (ressha). Otaru is known for fresh seafood, crafts and desserts. OK, maybe other things too, but those were the only ones I paid attention to.

Taking the ressha (train) was easy, uneventful and uncomfortable! The seats on the Hakodate train are so small.. I am a giant. The train fare (unchin) was pretty reasonable for a 2-jikan (2 hour) ressha ride.


Really I went to Otaru to get sushi so at lunch time I ordered the basic set (2200 yen). My favourites were the scallop, uni, ikura, and the bottom white fish (sakana) and the top right white fish (sakana). I still can’t figure out what those were exactly. They all tasted creamy and melted in my mouth. I was surprised to like the scallop because I don’t usually like that at home (ie).

The sake and maguro were good, as well. My least favourite was the tobiko and the ika blaaaghhhh.

I also wanted to go to Otaru to see the ocean for the first time. Here was the view:


Trudging through snow banks (yuki no ginko) is kind of fun (tanoshi)?


I passed on the cheesecakes that they make in Otaru, and instead got a custard fish for 100 yen. It was just as thermonuclear as the one at the Richmond Night Market.


All in all, it was fun going on a trip by myselfsies and I will go back to Otaru for some more sushi if other people would like to go.. and I preferably don’t need to cram myself in the train seat again.


Tomorrow, I am going cat skiing with thehouseofpowder.com.


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