It has been really great trying lots of new food (fudo) at resutoran and after my bartending shifts.

Izakaya, tataki, oyakadon o tabemashita. Probably even more that I can’t remember!

Kore udon desu:


Kore okonomiyaki desu:


Lauren and I have made okonomiyaki before at home (ie ni). This one tasted very similar, but was more lofty or, shall I say, FLOOFY. We got 4 different kinds and I liked ebi okonomiyaki the best.

Kore shoyu ramen desu:

img_20171212_164059388.jpgThis ramen was really, really salty and not so delicious. Once I got home (ie) and looked up the words, I realized that shoyu = soy sauce. Ahhh makes sense.



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