Niseko de suki

I have been skiing (suki o shite iru) a lot at Niseko Village. There are four sets of lifts with Niseko United: Annapuri, Niseko Village, Hirafu and Hanazono.

I bought a 50 hour pass, so I can ski (suki ga deriku) one hour (ichijikan) at a time. There is also night skiing at Hirafu.

The skiing is totally terrible, so you probably shouldn’t come here ever. I’m only going to come back here every fuyu (winter) to eat good food (fudo) and sit in a snowstorm.

This is the view from the Niseko Village gondora:IMG_20171222_123039897This is my favourite sukiforoto:IMG_20171219_105533053In general, Nihon is a very safety conscious country. There are warnings on every single escalator (remember to get off!), staircase (there is a staircase here!), and door (this door is automatic!). On the other hand, this sukiforoto is ok and they also open up the backcountry to people who do not have any avalanche (nadare) safety skills. Wakarimasen.

Night skiing in Hirafu: IMG_20171213_200546199Maybe in nigatsu or sangatsu I will join a group trip up Mt Yotei: img_20171207_091158940.jpgYuki sugoi!

Here is a video about how to say the months of the year in Nihongo:


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