part-time model

You’re so beautiful 
You could be a waitress 

You’re so beautiful 
You could be a part-time model 
But you’d probably still have to keep your normal job

Earlier this week, my boss (agent) called me and said “Are you between 160-175 cm, part or full Asian, free tomorrow and a good powder skier?” “Yes, yes, yes, intermediate advanced kind of?” “Ok! You’re modelling tomorrow at Shimamaki! I’ll pick you up at 5:30!” and then hung up the phone. This was all the information I had so I packed up every single piece of ski equipment and 4 changes of clothes into a large backpack.

And off we went! On the way there I found out that I would be shooting outfits for an online video for a large sportswear brand that I am not sure if I am allowed to say who it was for.

This was a view on the way there:

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Black Sand Beach + Snow.

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So pretty!!!

I had to model two different ski outfits and two different snowshoeing outfits. For the first ski outfit, we would get driven up in the snowmobile and then we would traverse to a spot where we were starting to enter the video shot. Then, they would give us directions about where and how they wanted us to ski via radio. Then, we would ski down looking as cool as we could possibly look past the camera, stop, and then debrief. Then.. repeat!

For the second ski outfit, we would bootpack up the ridge and then strap on our skis and ski down. This was extremely tiring. The snowshoeing outfits were much easier as we only had to walk around a small area. They would give us different poses and actions to do which we had to do a few times each.

It was a lot of and fun and the filming team was very nice. There are so many ski videos where the girl skier is just skiing while the boy skier does something hardcore so I tried my darndest to look as cool as possible. I am still drained from that one day even though it was a few days ago.

Hopefully I make it in the video that comes out this Fall. Here is a sneak preview:





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