In mid-February, I used all of my “vacation time” to go to Korea (Kankoku) with Katrina and Scott. The best parts were seeing family (kazoku), eating vegetables (yasai) and wearing sneakers (kutsu)!

This is what we did in Seoul (Soru). These are the other things we did in Seoul.

This is an explanation about Cheese Dakalbi, which Lauren and I have had in Vancouver (Bankuba). When we ate it, Lauren and I quickly agreed to never eat it again because we thought it was a ‘bit much’). So I ate it without him.

I think I could live in Seoul for at least a year. Seems like there is good access to climbing and hiking (haikingu). Right now (ima), I would choose to come back to Japan (any area, but preferably Hokkaido), but Seoul would be cool too.

I would also like to visit Taiwan, Malaysia, and Nepal.


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