upcoming plans

The season is really wrapping up here. I am in my last week of work. These are my upcoming plans in Nihon:

Mar 18-21: Central Hokkaido Road Trip

Mar 21-25: Visit Kota in Fukuoka

I know Kota from my time spent in New Zealand. He was working at the university (daigaku) and would spend time with Lauren, Karim and Natalie. It has been 5 years (go sai) since I have seen him. I can’t wait!

Mar 25-31: Camping in Okutama and Tokyo Trip with Kyle

Kyle started planning his trip to Japan ever since I told all my climbing friends that I was going to Japan. Kyle, Cassy, Matt and I went to Bishop last last fall. This was our preliminary trip activities list:

  • Fuji-Q Amusement Park (visiting here has been my childhood dream)
  • Meet Ashima Shirashi
  • Aquarium(s)
  • Stay in a capsule hotel
  • Ramen museum
  • Bouldering in Okutama
  • Buy food-patterned shirts
  • Go to the Gudetama store
  • Find the 1 Michelin star ramen cup
  • Eat ramen

The list has only gotten better with: Round One arcade and games centre, Tsujiki Fish Market, central Tokyo roller coaster, caving, bbq-ing, bPUMP climbing gym and shopping at Harujuku.

Not sure how much of this we will get done or how much I can afford. It doesn’t sound like we will have any fun heehee.

I am hoping to get some more photos up before I leave Hokkaido, but not sure if I will have time.


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