mandatory reflection post

I always feel the need to write a reflection post after a big trip. Not sure why I feel this way, but I’m going to do it anyway. My thoughts after my time in Japan are:

  • Travelling in Asia is less scary than I anticipated
  • Asian food is yummy
  • Japanese powder snow is nice
  • Working in a restaurant with nice people is fun
  • I want to go to Japan again (and again and again)
  • I could live in Japan for a while
  • Living in Japan for a while as a foreigner could be challenging
  • Living in Korea also seems cool
  • Japanese is hard to learn
  • Japan has a large number of great toilets

Lauren finished his school program a week after I got back. We took a couple of weeks off and went to Whistler and Seattle. Now he is working as a machinist in a small shop. So far, he lurrrrrves it.

I just realized that Lauren is wearing the same sweater in every photo. How eco.

Not sure if I mentioned it previously, but I was laid off while I was on my leave of absence so I have been applying to work at a ton of places. I’m hoping to find something outdoor gear, health, food, sports, or tourism related. This month, I have been contracting for bumble bloom (a new vegan honey product) to help with their production and order fulfillment. I am writing this post as I wait for a lava cauldron of product to finish. I have listened to a tooonnnn of podcasts. I will be giving out samples at Veg Expo which may be a good time for me to network a bit more.

I/we have been busy with taco wednesdays, climbing, skiing, repairing the car, cooking in a clean kitchen, gardening and catching up with friends.

Lauren’s mama has been visiting over the last couple of weeks so we have done A LOT of touristy activities. Tomorrow, we are going whale watching.


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