onaji onaji


Konshu watashi wa bakkukantorisuki ni ikimashita nido.

Mata, watashi wa risotosuki ni ikimashita nido.

Konshu wa subarashi.

Ima tsukaremashita. Ashita shigoto ga arimasu.

Same same.

Good evening!

This week I went backcountry skiing twice.

I also went resort skiing twice.

This week was great!

Now, I’m tired. I work tomorrow.





Well, 2018 is off to a…slow…start.

This year was not so slow. It included a lot of visitors, work and school, skiing, travel, climbing-related stuff and vegetables.

Natalie from NZ visited and we went to Revelstoke. Kevin and Cam from NZ visited and we hiked the chief and saw dirty Vinyl Cafe. Natasha visited and we went to Victoria to visit Leslie and Kyla. I saw Wilson from Ottawa a bajillion times. And Daniel visited from Moose Jaw!IMG_20170924_141257149Lots of ch-ch-changes for us in the work/school departments. Starting in fall 2016, Lauren started going to night school at BCIT to learn how to machine with mills and lathes. This year in the fall, he signed up for a six month Machining course. He likes it so far. He left his Arc’teryx job and got a new part-time at… Arc’teryx! He works early shifts at the Downtown store now.

I took a Tableau course at BCIT in the winter, passed my first Tableau certification exam, and took on the Corporate Citizenship role at work. In March, I went to NYC for a business trip and also got to squeeze in the School of Rock, the Book of Mormon, the Staten Island ferry, 100 food items and a visit with Wilson. Then, Eileen convinced me to come to Japan for the winter…. and here I am!

Lauren is now the bombdizzle at skiing and has admitted he likes skiing more than climbing (gasp). He wanted to ski every month of the year for 2017, but he missed two months. He skied Mt Baker twice so I guess we can forgive him? Lauren bought a Whistler student ski pass this year.

We did a big road trip to the Kootenays to check out Nelson, Trail, Rossland and Castlegar. Verdict: Excellent. We visited family in Ontario and I visited David and Appnovation’s Montreal office in Montreal. That was a fun trip. I have PTSD from riverboarding and also I consumed so much food and drink that I felt sick for a couple of weeks…. bagels + biere + butter ice cream + more bread = yum. The ‘Armchair’ did not break down too much this year after we replaced everything the year before, so we did lots of trips to Leavenworth, Whistler, Squamish etc etc. We also went to Saturna Island and I went to Salt Spring Island.IMG_20170603_123203502IMG_20170702_185933691img_20170527_130306060.jpgI started off 2017 with a pretty bad shoulder injury and have been doing physio and training almost all year. I even started doing “cardio” before I left for Japan. Early fall was definitely the healthiest and strongest time for my muscles/body, and we were eating really well as well. I can’t say the same about now. We got really burnt this day:IMG_20170520_130743632And last, but not least…veggie update! Our apartment balcony doesn’t get that much sun, so I was only able to grow strawberries, kale, chives, dill, cilantro and arugula this year. The garden didn’t do so well because I was gone so much. We did share a CSA veggie box with Kirsten and Max which I thought was amazing, but I’m not sure if anyone else liked it. Lauren and I ventured quite far in vegetarianism.. I definitely can’t say the same about what I am eating now. As I was writing this, I was eating a pork bao and pork (??) gyoza.

Otherwise, life has been pretty good in Vancouver and I look forward to the shenanigans we get up to in 2018 (…after today). Here is a picture of Lauren in the summer, likely after a day of climbing:IMG_20170902_143542033

Niseko de suki

I have been skiing (suki o shite iru) a lot at Niseko Village. There are four sets of lifts with Niseko United: Annapuri, Niseko Village, Hirafu and Hanazono.

I bought a 50 hour pass, so I can ski (suki ga deriku) one hour (ichijikan) at a time. There is also night skiing at Hirafu.

The skiing is totally terrible, so you probably shouldn’t come here ever. I’m only going to come back here every fuyu (winter) to eat good food (fudo) and sit in a snowstorm.

This is the view from the Niseko Village gondora:IMG_20171222_123039897This is my favourite sukiforoto:IMG_20171219_105533053In general, Nihon is a very safety conscious country. There are warnings on every single escalator (remember to get off!), staircase (there is a staircase here!), and door (this door is automatic!). On the other hand, this sukiforoto is ok and they also open up the backcountry to people who do not have any avalanche (nadare) safety skills. Wakarimasen.

Night skiing in Hirafu: IMG_20171213_200546199Maybe in nigatsu or sangatsu I will join a group trip up Mt Yotei: img_20171207_091158940.jpgYuki sugoi!

Here is a video about how to say the months of the year in Nihongo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzt0uXrwbBY


It has been really great trying lots of new food (fudo) at resutoran and after my bartending shifts.

Izakaya, tataki, oyakadon o tabemashita. Probably even more that I can’t remember!

Kore udon desu:


Kore okonomiyaki desu:


Lauren and I have made okonomiyaki before at home (ie ni). This one tasted very similar, but was more lofty or, shall I say, FLOOFY. We got 4 different kinds and I liked ebi okonomiyaki the best.

Kore shoyu ramen desu:

img_20171212_164059388.jpgThis ramen was really, really salty and not so delicious. Once I got home (ie) and looked up the words, I realized that shoyu = soy sauce. Ahhh makes sense.



Yesterday (kino), Otaru ni itta (I went to Otaru) by train (ressha). Otaru is known for fresh seafood, crafts and desserts. OK, maybe other things too, but those were the only ones I paid attention to.

Taking the ressha (train) was easy, uneventful and uncomfortable! The seats on the Hakodate train are so small.. I am a giant. The train fare (unchin) was pretty reasonable for a 2-jikan (2 hour) ressha ride.


Really I went to Otaru to get sushi so at lunch time I ordered the basic set (2200 yen). My favourites were the scallop, uni, ikura, and the bottom white fish (sakana) and the top right white fish (sakana). I still can’t figure out what those were exactly. They all tasted creamy and melted in my mouth. I was surprised to like the scallop because I don’t usually like that at home (ie).

The sake and maguro were good, as well. My least favourite was the tobiko and the ika blaaaghhhh.

I also wanted to go to Otaru to see the ocean for the first time. Here was the view:


Trudging through snow banks (yuki no ginko) is kind of fun (tanoshi)?


I passed on the cheesecakes that they make in Otaru, and instead got a custard fish for 100 yen. It was just as thermonuclear as the one at the Richmond Night Market.


All in all, it was fun going on a trip by myselfsies and I will go back to Otaru for some more sushi if other people would like to go.. and I preferably don’t need to cram myself in the train seat again.


Tomorrow, I am going cat skiing with thehouseofpowder.com.