upcoming plans

The season is really wrapping up here. I am in my last week of work. These are my upcoming plans in Nihon:

Mar 18-21: Central Hokkaido Road Trip

Mar 21-25: Visit Kota in Fukuoka

I know Kota from my time spent in New Zealand. He was working at the university (daigaku) and would spend time with Lauren, Karim and Natalie. It has been 5 years (go sai) since I have seen him. I can’t wait!

Mar 25-31: Camping in Okutama and Tokyo Trip with Kyle

Kyle started planning his trip to Japan ever since I told all my climbing friends that I was going to Japan. Kyle, Cassy, Matt and I went to Bishop last last fall. This was our preliminary trip activities list:

  • Fuji-Q Amusement Park (visiting here has been my childhood dream)
  • Meet Ashima Shirashi
  • Aquarium(s)
  • Stay in a capsule hotel
  • Ramen museum
  • Bouldering in Okutama
  • Buy food-patterned shirts
  • Go to the Gudetama store
  • Find the 1 Michelin star ramen cup
  • Eat ramen

The list has only gotten better with: Round One arcade and games centre, Tsujiki Fish Market, central Tokyo roller coaster, caving, bbq-ing, bPUMP climbing gym and shopping at Harujuku.

Not sure how much of this we will get done or how much I can afford. It doesn’t sound like we will have any fun heehee.

I am hoping to get some more photos up before I leave Hokkaido, but not sure if I will have time.


kore sore are

Sore wa nan desu ka?

Kore wa takoyaki desu.

Oishi desu.

Sore wa bonito to nori?


Sore wa ikura desu ka?

Kore wa roppyaku yen desu.


In mid-February, I used all of my “vacation time” to go to Korea (Kankoku) with Katrina and Scott. The best parts were seeing family (kazoku), eating vegetables (yasai) and wearing sneakers (kutsu)!

This is what we did in Seoul (Soru). These are the other things we did in Seoul.

This is an explanation about Cheese Dakalbi, which Lauren and I have had in Vancouver (Bankuba). When we ate it, Lauren and I quickly agreed to never eat it again because we thought it was a ‘bit much’). So I ate it without him.

I think I could live in Seoul for at least a year. Seems like there is good access to climbing and hiking (haikingu). Right now (ima), I would choose to come back to Japan (any area, but preferably Hokkaido), but Seoul would be cool too.

I would also like to visit Taiwan, Malaysia, and Nepal.

short season

Even though this has been a huge snow (yuki) year for Niseko, the season is almost over and everyone is heading out of town. All the tourists (tsurisuto) are gone! We had a huge storm come through the past few days which has deposited quite a lot of snow. Today I was able to get fresh tracks on each lap of the hill which hasn’t happened since early December.

I will be sticking around Niseko for another couple of weeks as there is still lots of work to do (cleaning, car rentals, restaurant, more cleaning, so much cleaning, shovelling). I tore my MCL so I have been taking it slightly easier. It was only a grade 1 tear so I should be back to 100% at the end of the month (tsuki).

This is two pictures (pikucha) of the same sign. The one on the left (hidari) was taken in early February. The one on the right (migi) was taken in late February. It’s still snowing!

Below is a picture of me trying to unjam my bindings/an unintentional Amer Sports ad. I wonder if this will be a problem I will have in BC where there is much less snow and it is warmer.27709404_10159903664565246_6082437992412033946_oI should probably post reviews of some of the gear I used this season. Some of it is getting destroyed. Today my Gore’tex pants started leaking through the bum.

And here is a photo of me in December on the first day it was sunny (hareta):received_1551930644861640.jpeg

part-time model

You’re so beautiful 
You could be a waitress 

You’re so beautiful 
You could be a part-time model 
But you’d probably still have to keep your normal job

Earlier this week, my boss (agent) called me and said “Are you between 160-175 cm, part or full Asian, free tomorrow and a good powder skier?” “Yes, yes, yes, intermediate advanced kind of?” “Ok! You’re modelling tomorrow at Shimamaki! I’ll pick you up at 5:30!” and then hung up the phone. This was all the information I had so I packed up every single piece of ski equipment and 4 changes of clothes into a large backpack.

And off we went! On the way there I found out that I would be shooting outfits for an online video for a large sportswear brand that I am not sure if I am allowed to say who it was for.

This was a view on the way there:

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Black Sand Beach + Snow.

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So pretty!!!

I had to model two different ski outfits and two different snowshoeing outfits. For the first ski outfit, we would get driven up in the snowmobile and then we would traverse to a spot where we were starting to enter the video shot. Then, they would give us directions about where and how they wanted us to ski via radio. Then, we would ski down looking as cool as we could possibly look past the camera, stop, and then debrief. Then.. repeat!

For the second ski outfit, we would bootpack up the ridge and then strap on our skis and ski down. This was extremely tiring. The snowshoeing outfits were much easier as we only had to walk around a small area. They would give us different poses and actions to do which we had to do a few times each.

It was a lot of and fun and the filming team was very nice. There are so many ski videos where the girl skier is just skiing while the boy skier does something hardcore so I tried my darndest to look as cool as possible. I am still drained from that one day even though it was a few days ago.

Hopefully I make it in the video that comes out this Fall. Here is a sneak preview: