kat is here!

Katrina got here on Tuesday and we’ve been go-go-go-ing so I’ve been quite busy! This past weekend we went to the Beachouse (a backpacker style resort along the Coral Coast) and did some snorkelling/birthday celebrating/swimming/Euchre-playing. It was a lot of fun! Anyway, I know that Kat will be blogging about her whole trip, and I really should be concentrating more on my school work than blogging, so I’ll let her do the story telling. Here is her blog link: www.gratedexpectations.com

Some random musings I would like to share:

– Is there a point where you stop tanning? It seems like every day I find a new tan line on my body. This weekend was quite bad – I have now upped my tan line count to 102! And I wore sunscreen! I don’t get it.

– I have finished my first paper! Woop.

– On Wednesday I went up to a fish store and got mahi mahi and tuna. Kat told me that the price of the fish is really good and I basically should eat it as much as possible. (mahi mahi is about $24 FJD/kg and sashimi-grade tuna is about $29 FJD/kg) When I was there, I asked the fish man about getting lobsters and he said this “Oh yes, we can get you lobsters, but you have to order ahead. Just come and let us know how many you want.. and then I call the lobster man and you know… give us 1.. or 2.. or 3… days… and then we will have your lobster! …maybe” I would like to do this. Katelin and I will have to get a bigger pot though. LOBSTER NIGHT!!!

– I have been doing a lot of cooking this semester. The other day I counted up how many Budget Bytes┬árecipes I have made in the past year ish, and it is something like 42! All recipes were awesome too. Anyway, highlights of this semester include beef meatballs, pumpkin curry, chicken broth, chicken lime soup, peanut pasta and kokoda. Next on the list: roro, roti, and vindaloo.

– A while back, I had to leave my bag in a slightly dodgy area and my bag got rifled through. (I can’t remember if I mentioned this before…) But instead of stealing everything like they probably would somewhere else, whoever went through my bag took all of my change from my change purse (but not the $50 bill in my wallet) and 1 of 3 chocolate bars that were a gift for my friend. Things like this are frustrating and nice all at the same time.


meals in october

For most of October I decided to take pictures of food that I made (inspired by Katrina). I think it made me cook better than I usually do. This is a mix of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.Spot the breakfast trend!

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Other notable dinner mentions include thai green curry, ahi tuna with teriyaki veggies, teriyaki chicken and sweet & sour veggies, and spicy sezchuan beef & eggplant.

banana bread battle

Kat and I had a coincidental banana bread battle a while ago.

I lost.

I know it is common for cheesecakes to crack and become concave… but I had not seen a concave banana loaf until now. I was planning on bringing it to work, but I was too embarrassed by the uncooked dough jelly banana custard-type liquid inside, haha.

…I still ate it.