beautiful cycling and walking around sigatoka

Liz and I were trying to figure out a trip to do this past weekend and because are both ‘go-with-the-flow’ people, lots of ideas were tossed around many times. When should we leave? Where should we go? Should we cycle? Should we visit a village? Should we go to Ovalau? Should we hike into an inactive crater? We ended up settling on cycling near Sigatoka with a person from the Rucksack Club (who is also a lecturer at USP!).

I usually try to limit the pictures in my post to around 10, but I couldn’t this time. The pictures from this weekend are absolutely STUNNING!! We had glorious weather all 3 days.

On Friday, we drove to Sigatoka and decided to walk through the Sand Dunes. I was blown away by how beautiful it was. We caught the most amazing sunset I have seen so far (that unfortunately I didn’t capture well on my camera). Fiji DOES have such a varied landscape for being a little island!IMG_0289 IMG_0290 IMG_0291 IMG_0293 IMG_0294 IMG_0295 IMG_0297 IMG_0299IMG_0292

Saturday we biked from Korotogo to Sigatoka to the Loma Primary School. Our attempt was to cross the river at Loma and come back on the other side of the river. Unfortunately the road on the other side of the river was too rough so we just swam in the river instead. I was getting my butt kicked by Dom and Liz up the hills so I ended up taking a carrier of shame back to Sigatoka, and then biked the 7 km back to Korotogo with them. I did just over 30 km that day and they did about 50 km.


Credit: Dominique
river 2
Credit: Dominique
liz and rose
Credit: Dominique

IMG_0303 IMG_0305 IMG_0307 IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0312 IMG_0301

And the beautiful beach in Korotogo…


Sunday we decided to cycle to the Tavuni Hill Fort in Naroro Village. Despite having an extremely sore bum, I was happy I could cycle all 20 km with them.


IMG_0321 IMG_0319 IMG_0315

Credit: Dominique
Credit: Dominique

IMG_0325 IMG_0324