–          Working, lots (still at EY)

–          Biking to work more (it’s about a 10km ride)

–          Climbing, dancing, cooking, reading

This past weekend, we did some sport climbing at Transmitter Crag in the Port Hills on Sunday. It’s only a 20-25 minute drive and decently tall! Unfortunately the crag goes from easy to pretty hard really fast, so I didn’t have a lot to climb this time. The entire bottom of the cliff is cut away so it’s quite overhung. We also saw Monsters University (movies come out a lot later here!) and watched Warm Bodies (ZOMBIES!!!).

And the weekend before, we went for two days to Otepatotu near Akoroa (about an hour and fifteen minute drive) where we attempted to do some trad climbing. The crag was quite nice, but at quite a high elevation. On Saturday, the clouds were too low so we were actually above the clouds, making it too wet for most of the day. And then Sunday I felt sick so we drove home. Though it was a bit of a waste of time, there were beautiful views and we got to watch the Crusaders (Christchurch rugby) slaughter the Reds (Queensland).

I’m hoping I can stay at EY for a bit longer (a little half over my original contract), but I should know a bit better in the next couple of weeks. I’d like to get out skiing at some point, but the weather has been too warm on the hills.


leaving fiji soon

Things are wrapping up here, and this could be my last post from Fiji! Hopefully not though, I still have one more in the works.

My courses are all done, as well as exams. Yesterday a big group of us went to the forest park one last time as most people leave today or tomorrow. Last night we had our farewell evening and we’ve been wrapping lots of things up and having lots of nice dinners.

Alex on the rope swing:


Our girls night:

946488_10201381770811933_1502639020_n 936419_10201381774652029_278073194_n

The Canadian girls this semester:


They are awesome. Me, Christine (Vancouver from SFU too), Liz (Guelph), Maggie (Guelph), and Catherine (Quebec City). Canada is big, but it doesn’t seem as big when you’ve lived near both ends.

I’ve decided that I am electronically cursed.. my netbook power cord has stopped working so I will really be technology deprived for the next while. I’ll leave Suva on Monday and fly out to New Zealand on Tuesday. I have some ideas of plans, but I’ll try to figure out more of that stuff this week. I am hoping to visit Pam (Grandma’s cousin!) in the first few days. It’ll be a bit challenging to keep doing all my prep without a computer, but I’ll figure it out.

During the first week of exams, the new stadium in Suva had a New Zealand Classic All Blacks rugby game vs Fiji 15s. It was a lot of fun to go to! SFU barely has practically no school spirit and the games are boring, so this may be the pinnacle sports game of my entire university career! The American students here were shocked when they heard that. The Classic All Blacks team are all ex-All Blacks, but they were still alright. They were slotted to win, but Fiji dominated 33-14! I had no idea what was happening at most times, but it was still very exciting.

IMG_0455 IMG_0453 IMG_0447 IMG_0444 IMG_0437

gold coast sevens

Fiji won the Gold Coast Sevens rugby tournament last weekend. I knew the tournament was going on the whole weekend… I saw lots of people watching the game but it was pretty uneventful. Until the final!! I was sitting in my room chatting with Megan and all of a sudden I hear my whole block screaming in sync. There were tons of people in every common room yelling at the TV, it reminded me of the NHL playoffs in dorms. Canada didn’t do very well (not surprised).

I had been thinking this week that I have way more free time here than I usually do. I knew my classes were easier but I didn’t think by THAT much. I realized it is because I am not climbing anymore! For the past while I had been climbing about three times a week, and I am now cold turkey. I need a new hobby until I get to New Zealand.

Today I talked to my dad and Kate for just about two hours in total! They got Skype working and I got to chat with them. It was really nice talking to them.