2018 holiday letter

This year, I decided that we should answer our friends’ questions in our end of year blog post. Lauren agreed. Power to the people! Give the people what they want! Here we go…

What moment in the last year would you like to rewind back to and play again to reappreciate the experience? 

R: About a week after I arrived in Japan, I went skiing at Rusutsu Ski Resort with Mattias, Lindsay, and Jason. Even though it was early in the season, there was a ton of powder and no one at the resort. We skied until we, or at least Jason and I, couldn’t feel our legs. That day was pretty magical and I’d love for it to happen again.

L: Probably New Years. Jason and I went skiing up Mt Cypress and it was pretty fun.

What moment in the last year would you like to rewind back to and edit or erase?

R: On one ski day, I fell into a glide crack in Japan. In Japan, falling into glide cracks while you are skiing happens relatively often; the cracks are typically not marked or hard to see. But, this time, I was over-ambitious about my ski abilities and decided to go for it even though I probably didn’t need to.

L: I have no regrats!

What’s the best recipe you cooked all year?

L: South African peanut stew. [We typically do a hybrid of these two recipes: https://www.cbc.ca/food/recipes/oh-she-glows-soul-soothing-african-peanut-stew and https://pinchofyum.com/freezer-meal-spicy-sweet-potato-peanut-stew]

R: Laksa. [https://www.recipetineats.com/laksa-soup/]

Did you break any personal bests/records?  In what? 

L: I skied 2500 metres in one day at Phelix Creek with Jason. Every route and line was really good. We did a line called Return of the King that had a dodgy entrance with cornices. We were able to go quickly into the valley to get away from danger; the line had really nice snow and steep sections.

lauren phelix
Lauren and Virginia skinning up in Phelix Creek

R: I climbed “Old and Serious” which was my first Squamish V3 bouldering problem.

What was your favourite thing you tried for the first time this year?

L: Machining as a job because I like making stuff.

Prototype 1: Block with hole

R: Canning! I canned twenty pounds of tomatoes this year. It wasn’t enough because we ran out in two months.

Approximately what percentage of your clothing is from Arc’teryx?

L: 98% from Arc’teryx, and the other 2% is underwear, socks and hats. And those were bought using a pro-deal. [Rosemarie thinks it’s more 85% Arc’teryx/10 % Pro-deal/5% Thrift Store]

R: 60% from Arc’teryx. [Lauren thinks it’s 60%, but slowly creeping up]

Our worst offenses of 2018:

G3 Ion bindings get hella jammed with hella snow
Taken by Steve at Julie’s place during Dad’s visit

As you carve out your life, what are the themes that are consistent from year to year? 

R: Experiencing different places, trying new things and learning.

L: Climbing, food, and generally being outdoors. [Rose thinks smelly footwear, increased noodle consumption YOY, and large coffee pots]

What are your core values?   

R: Y’all are a bunch of serious questioners! My core values are dependability, genuineness, and growth.

L: I don’t even know how to answer that? Maybe being outside.

All done. Thanks for the questions. This year was awesome! Here are my fave family photos from 2018:

Family at the UBC Apple Festival in October
Made by Danny – no explanation needed

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